Fabricating Nostalgia
Fabricating Nostalgia is a body of work that has developed through the experience of adopting a new city, building a home, and what continues to resonate. These works are a meditation on how affinity builds attachment and the comfort derived from that sentimentality.  
Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing
AFTCP 2016
Art for the Cash Poor 2016 - Branding for the annual summer art fair.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
The InLiquid Benefit 2016
Branding for the 2016 InLiquid benefit.
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
InLiquid's Art for the Cash Poor 16
The branding and visual Identity for Art for the Cash Poor 16. A Philadelphia-based art fair held every summer that's focussed around providing an opportuinity for artists, collectors and the public to interact in an enviornment where no one is priced out of affording anyone's artwork,
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
InLiquid Annual Appeal
This project was the 2014 Annual Appeal for InLiquid,org – an arts based non-profit in Philadelphia, PA. The effort was to make an eye-catching and fun appeal to contrast with the dry and plain annual appeals that we'd seen in competition for arts funding.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Simulate/Permeate Graphics & Advertisements
Examples of marketing materials produced for InLiquid Art+Design for the "Simulate/Permeate" show at Rowan University.
Branding, Editorial Design, Visual Effects
7th annual Rumi Festival (Salt Lake City)
Posters, postcard, and email image attachment for the 7th Annual Rumi Festival in Salt Lake City, presented by the Rumi Poetry Club.
Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Salt Lake Acting Company 2014-15 Graphics
This is the fourth year of my work with Salt Lake Acting Company with this style of graphics for their covers, each year they have experienced wonderful response from the ads created off of these designs. Our work has allowed them to be distinct in their market as a clearly progressive and experimental acting company. Salt Lake Acting Company is an amazing client to work with, and it's a challenge I look forward to every year to create their unique graphics with a diverse color scheme, and simple signifying graphics in direct relation to their season of plays.
Art Direction, Calligraphy, Graphic Design
Inliquid.org header and footer
The revamp of the inliquid.org and inliquid blog header and footer was my first task as an employee of inliquid. More changes are coming, stay tuned. The true beauty of this site is still in the works, as the pieces are being laid to transition the site into a fully responsive experience. Pure CSS layout!
Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development
Never Edition
Never Edition is a Philadelphia-based experimental arts publication that will publish it's first issue in October of 2013.
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
loveDANCEmore: a performance Journal
Learning to loveDANCEmore: a performance journal circulates semi-annually in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have worked as the magazine designer since the second issue, and my artwork has appeared on the cover a few times.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Journalism
Salt Lake Acting Company 2013-14
The season graphics for Salt Lake Acting Company's 2013-14 season are a continuation of the theme an branding developed over the last three years. The branding makes use of loud colors and a silkscreen-like feel to call attention to their graphics and mold the visual recognition of the company's advertisements over the season. These graphics shown are the basis for the posters, print advertisements, web banners, and flyers that will be created over the course of the year for all six plays of their season.
Art Direction, Branding, Digital Art
Salt Lake Acting Company 2012-13 Season Graphics
The season graphics are produced building a communication between myself, the theatre company, the plays of the season and a need to show continuity moving to confirm the brand of the acting company.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
Salt Lake Acting Company 2011-12 Season Graphics
These are the season graphics and playbill covers for Salt Lake Acting Company's 2011-12 Season.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Performing Arts
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