Looking Up
In Looking Up, Matthew Hall is exploring the experience of looking up through his own eyes, as well as finding others doing the same. This exhibition of gestural, ink-works on paper is focussed on ironwork and lighting fixtures found in Italy. Additional works relating to scenes of travelers, museum-goers, and shoppers in the midst of the same experience, and scenes found in Philadelphia after returning from a trip to Italy with eyes still trained to look up.
Fabricating Nostalgia
Fabricating Nostalgia is a body of work that has developed through the experience of adopting a new city, building a home, and what continues to resonate. These works are a meditation on how affinity builds attachment and the comfort derived from that sentimentality.  
Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing
Fragments was a show about transition and adoption of a new home. My initial experiences in Philadelphia and transitioning to the area where I recently moved allowed me to focus my attention and celebrate an area often seen as poverty and ruin for the strength of the characters and scenery that was indeed available in the area
Drawing, Fine Arts, Illustration
I crawled inside the book and made it my home
Solo MFA Thesis Exhibition at Zoller Gallery
Fine Arts
Homages - Past Influence
Homages: Past Influence Group, Juried Exhibition at the Target Gallery with guest juror Brooke Seidelmann Matthew Hall - Recipient of the Juror's Award
Fine Arts
Full Exhibition History
Full list of Exhibition History available in CV Format
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